As Annaís is a natural product we are only permitted to claim the statements made on our label, that is ĎTraditionally used for the Relief of Menstrual Discomfort and Menopausal Symptomsí.
However since our launch in early 1997 we have enjoyed wonderful relationships with many of the women who have used our cream, and who are happy to share the results they have achieved, many of them quite remarkable, and mostly in areas where we are unable to make claims.
We have received numerous testimonials on a wide range of these results, so in this feedback section we will quote from a cross section to give you an idea of the wide range of results women have experienced.
Our research led us to challenge the widely held and erroneous belief that wild yam was only Oestrogenic in its action! As you will see there are many other exceptional experiences that have emerged from the use of our very special cream.
While we can make no claims in these regards, women have shared these experiences:

Unsolicited Genuine Testimonials

  • Offered with permission to use and available in our office for inspection
Just a thank you! I have tried everything and this cream has yet by far been the most effective in treating my pms I hardly noticed it this month. Joanne via email
I love your cream! It has calmed down my PMT to the point where Iím almost bearable in the last week of the month! (Iím not the only one in the house that loves your cream!). Ros via email
Wow! After twenty five years, three months in a row with no pmt-induced inappropriate crying fit. Customer for life here. Cynthia via email
For the last 2 to 3 years I have had great success with your Wild Yam Cream Ė I have suffered for many years ( since late teen years to my 40ís) with extreme pain in my ovaries and breasts, hormonal of course, and i could never find a solution. This is a wonderful cream Ėthere are various products around but none are of the quality of your product. Wendy from Tasmania
I have found the yam cream useful in preventing acne and facial hair, even in the two moths I have been on it. But most of all I feel more alert and able to think more clearly since I have been taking it. Jeanie


You have done it yet again!!! Sister has been trying for seven years to get pregnant and within two months of using Anna's she is pregnant. Also I have just about completely eliminated my PCOS and have a regular cycle, less acne and a much more enjoyable life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Angie via email
I would love to tell you how much I love your product!!! My husband and I had tried for 3 years to fall pregnant with our second child. I had spent a year and 3 months on clomaphine to try and bring everything back on track. The little tablets did nothing but make me feel sick and bloated. Then my Mother in-law found your product and gave it to me, at that point I was willing to try anything. I used it for one cycle and I fell pregnant!!! We now have 2 beautiful and healthy girls. My husband has been a big advocate of your cream and 2 ladies from his work place have also fallen pregnant not long after using Annaís. Thank you so much. Narelle
I am 21 years old. I wrote you guys an email in June last year saying that I was trying for a baby and hadnít yet conceived and I asked if your product would help with that. You said that you couldnít promise it would but would love feedback if it does. Well in August 2011 I found out I was pregnant.
I have a beautiful 6 month old little girl thanks to Annaís Wild Yam Cream I truly believe that your product helped me conceive as my hormones were all over the place and I have pcos. I was happy that it worked for me as I was just about giving up. Cheyne
Just writing to thank you.... Best $ I ever spent! Only 2 months in and Iím pregnant after nearly 2 years of trying. Just got on the FACís to check out if I can continue to use the cream and now that I know I can I will go and put some on immediately : -) Thank you again. Laura
Hello, I would like to share my experience late last year I started Annaís Wild Yam Cream, I have endometriosis & had tried to become pregnant naturally & through ivf for years. A few short months later I fell pregnant (naturally) I continued the cream as you suggest when pregnant. Iím now 30 weeks and extremely excited about our soon to be arrival of our little girl Again a huge thank you for your wonderful product & support. Kind regards, Kylie via Facebook
Hi Max & Carol, we are still coming to terms with Jane being pregnant. We are quite dumbfounded. We thought we'd tell you our story. We are both in our early 40s, been married 18 years and in all that time Jane has had severe endometriosis and has seen a number of doctors and surgeons over the years. Last year Jane had a curette and was told she had a post menopausal thin uterus and would never fall pregnant. Jane had a lot of bleeding from the thin brittle uterus that the doctors couldn't stop. A good friend suggested your Yam cream. We thought it would help the endometriosis but had no idea it would help her uterus as well. Within 2 days of starting (in January) the bleeding had stopped and that month was the first time ever Jane had had a normal period in her whole life, one without any pain. She was 9 Ĺ stone and after 4 months of being on the cream dropped back to her ideal weight of 8 Ĺ stone.
Then in July, after just 6 or so months of being on the yam cream she fell pregnant! When we were visiting the doctor to confirm the test results we asked about her post menopausal uterus and how she would go carrying a baby with it being in that state. The doctor replied that it is physically impossible to fall pregnant with a uterus in that condition so the yam cream had obviously totally reversed and healed her uterus. The doctor was in total amazement at Jane being pregnant as was a second doctor we spoke to. So even after 2 months we are still coming to terms with the idea of having a baby after having such a history. Thanks again for your reply and work you have put into helping people. Kind regards.
And when we requested approval to use their Testimonial, the following was their reply.
Hi again, please feel free to use our testimony. I only wish I had known about it years ago, it would certainly have saved me a lot of agony & certainly a lot of experimenting from doctors. We had our first anti natal visit today & the midwives were in amazement & both wrote down the details for future reference. The lady who took my blood this morning was also amazed & she was rapped as her sister has been through IVF & told can't have babies because of the Endometriosis, so she is making sure her sister gets onto it. We make sure they know that it is the Anna's wild yam as a few have told us they have tried yam cream & tablets years ago but they didn't help. We have told them what the difference with Anna's cream in comparison to the others, especially the tablets & they have all said they will try the Anna's WYC. We would like to thank you again and yes, please use our testimony. Kind regards. Tony & Jane from Tasmania
We were thrilled to hear from Tony that Jane gave birth to a healthy handsome baby boy and both are doing well.


Thank you to Annaís farm wild yam cream I no longer have symptoms of post natal depression. Iíve been using the cream for about 2 months in conjunction with B12 and Vit D and I can successfully say the cream made all the difference! And I came through this drug free! I very much encourage other mums, especially with baby blues or post natal depression to try this out. Its absolutely worth it! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Kath via email


This cream is truly remarkable! I unfortunately inherited twice monthly hormonal migraines (lasting 3 days at a time) from my mother. She suffered a great deal and nothing she did could prevent or relieve the symptoms. As I hit 45 years old, the same happened to me, along with the constant and severe bloating. I found it debilitating and resigned to the fact that I would have to put up with this until the end of menopause Ė probably another 7 or so years. But co-worker recommended Annaís Wild Yam Cream and to my astonishment the effects were almost immediate! I only used a small amount each morning and waited for the migraine. Nothing! They have completely stopped. I have been migraine free now for about 9 months and am just so happy and relieved. The bloating has also gone and I feel lighter and normal again. I absolutely cannot recommend this product enough for anyone who has symptoms like this and others. Thank You!!!! Maria via email
I just want to take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with your product. It has taken about 4 months of using your cream to change my period from being incredibly heavy and painful with migraines lasting 3 days to being light, painfree and this month, no migraine! My skin would always break out around ovulation but this month, it is near perfect. My hormones feel balanced and I feel great.Being over 40 with acne is torture especially as I did not suffer acne as a teenager. To say it has transformed my life is an understatement. Thank You! Jo via email
I have used your wild yam cream now for two months. I have always had problems with nervousness and my skin never cleared up. When I became pre menopausal I looked for something natural to take so I tried your cream. It has helped me tremendously, my skin is so much clearer now. Your cream is truly a blessing. With thanks. Ann via email


Hello thank you for your cream, what a saviour it has been. I have suffered with depression in puberty, post natal depression with first child and psychosis with second child when I had to be hospitalised and heavily medicated. So I am in tune with my body as soon as I slip mentally. I felt it before I started your cream and I was fixed by the second month! So it is better than anything!! Thank you again you have saved me from anti psychotics. Pat via email
Hello, I just want to say thank you. This wonderous product has taken away my depression and I look better. Please donít stop making it. Domenica via email
Hi Anna, I have depression and take meds and found HRT made my depression worse. I donít have to be miserable anymore thanks to my sister putting me on to your wonderful cream. Just want to say a big THANK-YOU X. Anne via email


Hi!, I have been using your awesome cream for 3 months now and I can honestly say it has transformed my life (and that of my husband!) I was suffering from extreme sudden onset of menopause. I had hot flushes which caused major panic attacks, every 15-20 minutes, including through the night. For someone who has never been too hot and always felt the cold it was horrific. I became depressed and my moods were all over the place. My husband was so patient and considerate, but I felt hopeless.
I didnít want to use artificial hormones to correct this and did some major research into alternatives.
Annaís cream has literally saved my life! After only one cycle using the menopause protocol, I have no hot flushes, NONE!! I am back to being me. Thank you so very much. Jo via email

When we asked Jo if we could use her testimony she replied:-
No problem using my feedback. As far as I am concerned the more people who are made aware of this amazing product and that they donít need to use synthetic hormones the better! I told my GP as she had suggested I look into wild yam as an option knowing my reluctant to taking HRT, and she was very impressed with the results (the obvious huge change in me) and the product contents. I am sure she will be pointing others to your cream in the future.
Kind regards and many, many thanks, Jo via email
I love this cream, I used to get between 20-30 furnace like hot flashes every day. Since beginning use of the cream about 3 weeks ago I get zip, nudda, nothing. I thought it was a gimmick I mean how can a cream help with hot flashes. I was that desperate for some relief began using it and to my surprise they actually disappeared. Thank you! Moana via Facebook
I am 52 and had been having horrible day and night sweating, when I say sweats, I mean skin crawling to the point I thought I was going nuts. My anxiety level was at its high, and the mood swings, my family knew to stay away from me, not to mention the outbursts of crying spells. Well, I am happy to say after being on this cream for 2 months, my mood swings are a thing of the past, I only cry watching hallmark movies now, instead of silly commercials. The night and day sweats are almost gone, and the crawling skin is under control, the Cream has turned my anxiety into happiness which has not been apart of my life for some time!! I thank you and my family thanks you for this wonderful Cream!! Angela via Facebook
Hi, I have to say a big THANK YOU wow the cream is amazing, I was beside myself with hot flushes and night sweats or the last three years and now its all gone and my moods are amazing. Di via email
This will be my third jar of Wild yam Cream and I am sure it is making me feel a whole lot better. My hot flushes have ceased and I now donít feel like I could kill my husband of 25 years! (He is a real darling) He reminds me if my cream is getting low so I think he feels its working as well! Pippa via email
I would like to say thankyou, Annaís Wild Yam Cream does work, since I started using it I have not had one hot flush, its been my life saviour. I can now start to enjoy a good nightís sleep. I truly recommend it. Therese via email
I bought a jar of Annaís Wild Yam Cream in a Health Food shop in Coolum while I was holidaying there. What a wonderful product! I was having hot flushes and have a fibrocystic breast Ė its all gone!! Diane from New Zealand
Wild yam cream was suggested by my Doctor. Never have I used such a great product. My hot flushes have disappeared and I feel much better in myself. This Yam Cream has saved my life, fat and depressed, low progesterone, utterly miserable. Now lost weight back in life again. Thank you Anna for this fabulous product. Beverley from Queensland
Iím glad that others have found the same results as I have by using this cream. My Doctor told me I was heading for a hysterectomy and my symptoms were getting worse every month. I happened to come across your product in a health food shop and bought it to try. Iíve tried cheaper versions, but have become dependant on Annaís because I know it works and I donít want to waste time trying anything else. My niece is now using it and her life has changed completely because she now has a normal cycle. Like clockwork. I feel sorry for anyone who hasnít heard of wild yam cream or doesnít want to believe it works. Roz via email


Hello Carol, I had my bone density last week and am up 8% in two years Ė my specialist says it is excellent. I went from 58.3% to 66.8%. God bless. Margo from Wagga Wagga, NSW
Hi, I just wanted to let you know what a remarkable life changing 360 degree turnaround my life has had since taking your product. I started using your product at the post menopausal age of 58 in April 2015. Words cannot begin to describe the sensational change in my life, I went from feeling quite ill with anxiety attacks, uncontrollable sweating, hot flushes palpitations etc. and thinking life was always going to be like this to feeling better and better each month and after about 3 months, feeling normal again and almost as good as I felt in my early forties. I cannot begin to thank you enough for producing your amazing product and giving me my life back again. THANK YOU so very very very much !!!!!!
Karen via Email

And Karenís reply when we asked if we may use her testimony:-
Dear Carol, Yes all good, I am happy with you sharing my testimony, please feel free to share in any format you like. Once again words simply canít express how much my ďquality of lifeĒ has immensely improved from using your product, I am so very very very extremely grateful from the bottom of my heart, your product has given me a ďnormalĒ life back and I am so happy about that ! Thank you SO much !!!! Karen via Email